080EHK diplomat safe

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080EHK diplomat safe

Safe Operation Purely Electronic or Electronic+Key
External Size H880 X W520 X D560 (mm)
Internal Size H676 x W380 x D330 (mm)
Fire Rating 1.5 Hours NT-017 Fire Resistance
Access Code 4 to 16 Digits Of Your Choice

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Here are details about 080EHK diplomat safe:

  • Password can be programmed to your favorite numbers (4-16 Digits)
  • 4AA Batteries are changed from the outside which offers convenience in case battery is weak
  • Safe will be frozen for 5 minutes when 5 wrong password entries are made
  • Safe fits Arch Files
  • 1 top drawer and 2 height-adjustable tray included
  • The profile of the door comes with multi-curvatures design. This prevents water or other liquid seepage into the interior
  • 3 way solid locking bolts prevents door from being pried open when fortified hinges are forcefully cut
  • Good precision fitting between body frame and door provides air tight construction, preventing smoke and heat reaching the inside contents
  • Built-in Alarm can be enabled or disabled to sound when safe is vibrated or tilted at more than 45 degrees
  • LED readout on the electronic panel and sound can be enabled or disabled
  • Dual authentication mode can be enabled to use 2 different codes held by 2 different users to open the safe (ideal for business partnership)

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