1200mm Electric Adjustable Table

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1200mm Electric Adjustable Table

Reduce fatigue and improve posture with the smooth electric adjustability of this 1200mm table


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Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing 1200mm Electric Adjustable Table:

Height adjustment:

  • Range: Typically, 1.2m adjustable tables offer a height range of around 70cm to 120cm (27.5 to 47 inches). This allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the day.
  • Speed: Our models offer varying adjustment speeds, typically ranging from 20mm/s to 40mm/s. A faster speed is convenient for quick adjustments, but noise levels might be higher.
  • Motor type: Single motors are more common and affordable.


  • Material: Popular options include, solid wood in terms of durability, aesthetics, and cost.
  • Thickness: A thicker tabletop (18mm or above) provides better stability and weight capacity.
  • Shape: Our 1.2m tables are rectangular.
  • Type: Buttons are simpler and more reliable.
  • Collision avoidance: Prevents the table from bumping into obstacles during height adjustments.
  • Anti-pinch technology: Stops the table if it detects objects in its path.
  • Cable management: Built-in channels or compartments keep your cords organized and out of sight.


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