1200mm Executive office Desk

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1200mm Executive office Desk

A 1200mm Executive office Desk is a space-conscious choice that combines functionality with a professional look, perfect for those who want to elevate their workspace without sacrificing valuable floor space.

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Here are details about 1200mm Executive office Desk:

  • Size: 1200mm in length (1.2 meters), which is roughly 4 feet, making it ideal for smaller offices or home workspaces. While it offers a space-saving design, the width is typically around 700mm (27.5 inches) providing ample surface area for your computer, paperwork, and other essentials.

  • Design: Executive desks prioritize a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. They often have clean lines, a smooth finish, and come in high-quality materials like solid wood, veneer, or laminate, creating a professional atmosphere in your workspace.

  • Durability: Built to last, these desks are crafted from sturdy materials to withstand daily use. They boast a strong frame for unwavering support and a resistant surface to scratches and wear.

  • Storage: While storage options may be slightly limited due to the compact size, they typically include drawers for storing office supplies, files, or personal items. Our’s have a lockable drawer for added security. Additionally, a cabinet might be included for storing larger items.

  • Cable management solutions: These features help keep your workspace organized by providing a way to route and hide wires.
  • Easy assembly: Many 1200mm executive desks are designed for easy assembly for a quick setup.


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