1200mm Study Desk

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1200mm Study Desk

By considering these specifications and features, you’ll find our 1200mm Study Desk meets your needs and preferences for a comfortable and productive workspace.

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About the 1200mm Study Desk:

  • SUFFICIENT LEG SPACE- The table has enough height and space to provide relaxed positioning of legs while you sit and work on it.
  • CONTEMPORARY LOOK- The wood office desk boasts a modern and bold look, suitable for all contemporary setup.
  • WIRE MANAGER – The table is provided with a cable snake for an efficient wire management to allow you to work in a clutter-free space.
  • ENHANCED PRIVACY – The desk organiser comes with a lockable storage compartment to secure your private and confidential belongings.


  • Width:¬†1200 millimeters (mm) which is equivalent to 47.2 inches (in). This is a fairly standard width for a study desk, offering a good amount of work surface area.
  • Depth: This typically ranges from 600mm (23.5 in) to 700mm (27.6 in). A shallower depth might be suitable for a small space, while a deeper desk offers more room for spreading out textbooks, reference materials, or a printer.
  • Height: The Standard desk heights is around 730-750mm (28.7-29.5 in) to accommodate sitting in a chair.
  • Material: Common materials include wood ( MDF, solid wood).
  • Storage: Some desks may have drawers.
  • Cable management:¬†Features like grommets or channels can help keep cords organized and out of the way.

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