120cm Coffee Table

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120cm Coffee Table

Make a statement in your living room with this stunning 120cm Coffee Table. Perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend, this table is sure to be a focal point in your home.

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Here are some specifications for a 120cm Coffee Table:


  • Length: 120 cm (47.2 inches).
  • Width:  60 cm (23.6 inches).
  • Height: Standard coffee table heights are around 40-50 cm (15.7-19.7 inches).
  • Solid mahogany wood, known for its durability, rich color, and beautiful grain patterns.
      • Rectangle: Offers more surface area than a square table, but can take up more space.
    • Style: Mahogany can complement various styles, from traditional to contemporary. Consider the overall design of your living room and choose a style that fits seamlessly.
    • Weight capacity: Mahogany is a sturdy wood, but ensure the table can support the weight of the items you plan to place on it.
    • Durability: Mahogany is naturally resistant to scratches and warping, making it a durable choice for a coffee table.
    • Maintenance: Regular dusting and occasional polishing with a furniture polish will keep your mahogany coffee table looking its best.


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