1400mm Reception Desk

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1400mm Reception Desk

Create a warm and professional atmosphere with this sleek 1400mm reception desk.



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Here are the specifications for a 1400mm Reception Desk:


  • Width: 1400mm (1.4 meters)
  • Depth: Typically around 750mm to provide comfortable legroom and space for equipment.
  • Height: Standard desk heights are around 720-750mm for ergonomic comfort. Some desks may offer adjustable legs for added flexibility.


  • Top: Melamine, laminate, solid wood, glass, or stone are common options. Each material has its own pros and cons in terms of durability, scratch resistance, and aesthetics.
  • Base:  Wood is used, but may be more sturdy.
  • Features:

    • Storage: Drawers, cabinets, or shelves for paperwork and supplies.
    • Cable management: Built-in grommets or holes to keep wires organized.
      • Customization: Some models offer customizable features like adjustable shelves or different finishes.

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