1600mm Reception desk

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1600mm Reception desk

Choosing our rectangular reception desk is not only an upgrade to a modern work environment but also a boost to your professional image and work efficiency. Let’s work together to create a more perfect workspace and make your reception work even more outstanding!


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Here are details about 1600mm Reception desk:

  • Pick one or two locking storage pedestals
  • 3-Drawer Box/Box/File
  • Reception Hang-On transaction counter | 1-7/8″ top and front panel
  • 27 Laminate finishes available
  • 19 Standard laminates | 8 premium laminates
  • Choose finishes for reception desk & counter piece
  • Mix and match color finishes
  • Choose from array of drawer pull hardware
  • TFL with PVC edge
  • Surfaces with dual 2.5″ surface grommets
  • Add pre-cut grommets for electrical components

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