1600mm Reception Desk

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1600mm Reception Desk

A 1600mm reception table refers to the width of the desk, which is 1600 millimeters or 1.6 meters. This is a common size for reception desks and provides enough space for a receptionist to work comfortably and interact with visitors.

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Here are details about 1600mm Reception Desk:

  • Width: 1600mm (63 inches)
  • Depth: 700-800 mm (27.5-31.5 inches) – This is deep enough to provide ample workspace for a computer, phone, and other office supplies.
  • Height: 1100-1160 mm (43-46 inches) – The overall height of the desk, including the counter.
  • Features: May include features like a built-in counter for transactions, drawers for storage, a modesty panel for privacy underneath the desk, and a cable management system.

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