160cm Mahogany Executive Desk

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160cm Mahogany Executive Desk

Elevate your office and cultivate an aura of success with this grand 160cm Mahogany Executive Desk.


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Here’s a breakdown of the typical specifications for a 160cm Mahogany Executive Desk.


  • Length: 1.6 meters (63 inches)
  • Width: Typically between 80 and 90 cm (31.5 and 35.4 inches), providing ample workspace and legroom.
  • Height: Standard desk height is around 72cm (28.3 inches) to 76cm (29.9 inches) for ergonomic comfort. Some models might offer adjustable legs.


  • Top: Solid mahogany wood offers the highest quality, durability, and beautiful natural grain patterns. Mahogany veneer over another material is a more affordable alternative, still providing a classic look.


  • Drawers: Typically 2-4 drawers for storage, with some models offering additional hidden compartments or built-in organizers.
  • Cabinets: Some desks have integrated cabinets for additional storage or to house electronics.
  • Cable management system: Keeps cords organized and out of sight.
  • Keyboard tray: Optional feature that provides ergonomic support for wrists and forearms.
  • Power outlets and USB ports: Integrated into the desk surface for easy access to power and data.

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