2200mm Executive office desk

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2200mm Executive office desk

A 2200mm Executive office desk is a well-suited option for those who need a large, functional, and stylish workspace to enhance their productivity and leadership presence within an office environment.

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Here are details about 2200mm Executive office desk:

Generous Size: With a length of 2200 millimeters (approximately 7.2 feet) and a standard depth of around 800 millimeters (approximately 31.5 inches), the 2200mm desk offers a large surface area for spreading out paperwork, monitors, laptops, and other office essentials. This allows for a more comfortable and efficient work environment.

  • Professional Look: Executive desks are designed to convey a sense of authority and sophistication. They are often made from high-quality materials such as wood veneer, laminate.

  • Pedestals: These are mobile cabinets that can be positioned underneath the desk surface, offering additional storage drawers and sometimes filing cabinets.

  • Returns: L-shaped extensions that attach to the main desk surface, providing extra work area and potentially additional storage cabinets.
  • Hutches: Shelving units that sit on top of the desk, offering additional storage space for files, books, or decorative items.
  • Cable Management: Executive desks frequently incorporate cable management systems to route wires and power cords out of sight. This helps to keep the workspace organized and improves aesthetics.


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