3 Drawer Pedestal

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3 Drawer Pedestal

3 Drawer Pedestal come in various styles and sizes, so to provide the most helpful specifications.

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Here are specification about 3 Drawer Pedestal:

  • Dimensions: This will include the width, depth, and height of the pedestal. It can range from compact options designed to fit under a desk (around 40cm wide) to larger models for additional storage (around 60cm wide).
  • Material: wood options are available for a more traditional look.
  • Number:  3 drawers as the name suggests.
  • Size: The drawers might be all the same size or have a designated deeper drawer for hanging files.
  • Slides: Look for smooth-gliding ball bearings for easy drawer operation.
  • Locking: Some pedestals come with a central locking mechanism for added security.
  • Casters: Mobile pedestals will have casters for easy movement.

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