3 Wooden door cabinet

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3 Wooden door cabinet

 A classic and elegant choice for a 3 wooden door cabinet.

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Here are some specifications to consider about 3 Wooden door cabinet:

  • Solid mahogany: This is the most premium option, offering exceptional durability, rich color, and beautiful grain patterns.
  • Mahogany veneer: This is a more budget-friendly option, using a thin layer of mahogany over another wood substrate. While less durable than solid mahogany, it still offers a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Number and size: Three doors are standard, but the specific size will depend on the overall cabinet dimensions and desired storage space.
  • Style: Choose from flat panels, raised panels, or even louvered doors for ventilation.
  • Hardware: Hinges and handles can be made from various materials like bronze, brass, or brushed nickel, adding a touch of personality.
  • Joinery: Look for dovetail or mortise and tenon joinery for added strength and longevity.
  • Shelves: Adjustable shelves are preferred for flexible storage options.


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