3000mm Boardroom Table

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3000mm Boardroom Table

An 3000mm Boardroom Table sets the stage for powerful meetings and professional discussions.

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Here are some key specifications to consider when choosing 3000mm Boardroom Table:


  • Solid Wood: Offers the most prestigious look and durability, with stunning natural wood grains and timeless elegance. Consider mahogany, oak, or walnut for classic options.
  • Wood Veneer: A more affordable alternative to solid wood, providing the real wood look over another substrate like plywood. Choose high-quality veneer for a realistic and durable feel.

Design and Style:

  • Traditional: Features classic lines, raised panels, and decorative moldings for a timeless and stately look. Ideal for formal boardrooms.
  • Modern: Clean lines and minimalist design create a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Consider options with metal accents or glass tops for a modern twist.
  • Conference table: Standard rectangular shape for efficient meetings and presentations.
  • Boat-shaped table: Offers more legroom and a more inclusive feel for participants.
  • Elliptical table: Provides a unique and elegant look for smaller boardrooms.

Functionality and Features:

  • Cable management: Built-in features to keep cords organized and out of sight, especially important for technology integration.
  • Modular design: Allows for flexibility in configuring the table size and shape to accommodate different meeting sizes.


  • Height: Standard desk heights are around 72-75cm (28-30 inches) for ergonomic comfort. Consider adjustable legs for added flexibility.
  • Width: 3.0m (118 inches) provides ample space for a large number of participants, comfortable seating, and presentation materials.
  • Depth: Typically around 75-100cm (29-39 inches) for comfortable legroom and sufficient space for laptops, notebooks, and other meeting essentials.
  • Assembly: Some tables come pre-assembled, while others require assembly.

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