350CM Boardroom Table

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350CM Boardroom Table

A 3.5m boardroom table makes a bold statement and provides ample space for meetings and collaborations.

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Here’s a breakdown of its typical specifications when choosing 350CM Boardroom Table:


  • Width: Standard boardroom tables are around 120cm to 150cm (47-59 inches) to comfortably seat eight to ten people.
  • Height: Typical heights are around 72-75cm (28-30 inches) for ergonomic comfort.
  • Length: 3.5m (137 inches) offers space for meetings of up to 14-16 people comfortably.


  • Tabletop: Popular options include:
    • Solid wood: Mahogany offer classic beauty and durability.
    • Laminate: Affordable and scratch-resistant, with various color and pattern options.
    • Veneer: Provides wood-like appearance at a lower cost.
  • Base and legs:  Wood is used, but may be More sturdy. Some models might offer unique base designs for added style.
  • Countertop: A raised portion on the front side for greeting visitors and conducting transactions (optional).
  • Guest seating: Built-in or separate chairs for visitors to wait comfortably.


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