4 Key 4 Drawer filling cabinet

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4 Key 4 Drawer filling cabinet

Combining functionality and style, a 4 Key 4 Drawer filling cabinet offers secure storage and a modern look.

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Here are some key specifications to consider when choosing 4 Key 4 Drawer filling cabinet:

  • Metal: Choose from steel, aluminum, or a combination for strength and durability. Consider different finishes like powder coating or brushed metal for aesthetics.
  • Drawers: Look for drawers made from the same material as the cabinet for consistency and durability. Ball-bearing glides ensure smooth and quiet opening and closing.
  • 4-key system: Provides individual access control for each drawer, ideal for shared workspaces.
  • Key type: Consider keyed alike (all drawers use the same key) or keyed differently (each drawer has a unique key) based on your needs.
  • Lock mechanism: It has a sturdy locking mechanism to secure your documents.
  • Drawer size and capacity: Consider the size of documents you need to store and choose drawers with appropriate dimensions. Full-extension drawers offer complete access to contents.
  • File rails: Built-in or optional rails for hanging files keep documents organized and prevent them from slipping.
  • Dividers and organizers: Some cabinets come with built-in dividers or offer optional organizers for further compartmentalization.
  • Height: Standard heights range from 120cm to 150cm, depending on your storage needs and available space.
  • Width: Typically between 40cm and 50cm for comfortable access and adequate storage capacity.
  • Depth: Usually around 60cm to 70cm, but consider the space available and the type of files you need to store.
  • Design: Choose from modern minimalist styles to sleek and sophisticated designs to complement your office décor.
  • Leveling feet: Adjust the cabinet to compensate for uneven floors.
  • Label holders: Organize and identify contents easily.


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