4 Partition workstation

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4 Partition workstation

A 4 partition workstation is a multi-user desk configuration designed to accommodate four people in a shared workspace.

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Here are details about 4 Partition workstation:

  • Layout: It typically features a rectangular desk with partitions dividing it into four individual workspaces, each for one person. These partitions can be arranged in a square or a face-to-face manner.
  • Partitions: The partitions can be made from various materials like fabric panels, metal frames with glass inserts. They typically reach a height that provides some privacy and reduces distractions while still allowing for some level of interaction between colleagues.
  • Size: The size of individual workstations can vary, but a standard configuration might allocate a desktop area around 1200mm x 700mm (47″ x 27″) for each user.
  • Privacy: Some partitions might have features like pinboards or fabric inserts for personalization and additional visual privacy.
  • Cable Management: Grommets or strategically placed channels can be incorporated for organizing cables and power cords, reducing clutter on the work surface.

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