4 Person workstation

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4 Person workstation

A 4 person workstation is a work area designed to accommodate four individual employees. It typically consists of a large rectangular desk with four sections, each creating a dedicated workspace for a single person.


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Here are details about 4 Person workstation:

  • Size and Shape:
    • Individual desk sizes typically range from 60″ x 30″ to 72″ x 36″ per person.
    • The overall workstation can be configured in a straight line.
  • Material: Laminate, metal, and wood are common choices.
  • Privacy Panels: These can be fabric, plexiglass, or other materials and help create individual work zones.
  • Panel Height: Consider the balance between privacy and a sense of openness.
  • Power and Data: Grommets in the desks allow for easy access to power outlets and data ports.
  • Monitor Arms: Monitor arms free up desk space and improve ergonomics.
  • Cable Management: Wire management trays or sleeves help keep cables organized and out of the way.


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