5 Seater Mahogany leather sofa

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5 Seater Mahogany leather sofa

Designed to comfortably seat 5 adults. This may involve individual seats or a combination of longer cushions with defined seating areas .The 5 Seater Mahogany leather sofa is about you and your own adoration for energy! With lavishly cushioned seating, this sofa surrounds you and your visitors in solace as all of you all relax. Bring home this stylish sofa today.

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Specification of 5 Seater Mahogany leather sofa:

  • Frame: Solid mahogany wood is ideal for durability and a high-end look. Mahogany is a hardwood known for its beauty, strength, and natural resistance to warping and wear.
  • Leather: Full-grain leather is the most sought-after option, offering the best quality, durability, and a beautiful drape. Top-grain leather is another option, providing a good balance of quality and affordability.
  • Genuine mahogany leather sofas are luxury furniture items and can range in price  depending on the size, quality of materials, and brand.


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