6 person workstation

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6 person workstation

A 6 person workstation refers to a type of modular office furniture designed to accommodate six individual workspaces in a space-efficient and versatile manner.

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Here’s a general overview of 6 person workstation:

  • Modular: Constructed from individual panels or segments that can be easily connected and configured in different layouts,rectangular arrangements.
  • Scalable: You can add or remove modules as your space or team needs change.
  • Privacy: Often includes low partition walls or panels between workstations to provide some privacy and reduce noise distractions.
  • Individual workstation size: Each module usually offers a work surface of around 1.2 meters x 0.6 meters with a standard height of 0.75 meters.
  • Framework: Typically made of metal or high-density particle board for stability and durability.
  • Worktops: Melamine, laminate, or veneer are common choices, offering a balance of functionality and aesthetics.
  • Partition panels: Can be made of glass, depending on the desired level of privacy and light transmission.
  • Integrated storage: May include lockable drawers, shelving compartments, or mobile pedestals for each workstation.
  • Cable management: Often incorporates grommets or channels to keep wires organized and hidden.


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