6 way workstation

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6 way workstation

A 6 way workstation is a space-saving furniture solution designed to accommodate six individual workspaces within a single unit.

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Here are details about 6 way workstation:

Modular Design:

  • The workstations are often modular, allowing for flexible configuration based on office layout needs. This might involve rearranging partitions or even adding or removing workstation units.
  • Privacy and Separation:

    • Partitions are a common feature, often made of glass to maintain a sense of openness while providing some visual and noise separation between work areas.
    • Solid panels or fabric screens can also be used for increased privacy, depending on the desired level of visual and acoustic separation.
  • Storage:

    • Individual workstations might include pedestals with drawers for personal belongings and work materials.
    • Some designs may incorporate overhead storage units for additional space.
  • Cable Management:

    • Integrated cable management systems like grommets or channels are often included to keep wires organized and prevent tripping hazards, maintaining a clean professional aesthetic.
  • Individual Workspaces:

    • Each section typically includes a desk suitable for a computer and office supplies, along with an ergonomic chair for user comfort.
  • Note:¬†The workstation comes without the chairs.


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