70kg Fireproof safe

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70kg Fireproof safe

Whether someone is buying a home, starting a business, getting married, or curating a lifetime of memories, ensuring that important documents, valuables, and keepsakes are protected from peril is a big responsibility.

This is all you need to provide powerful protection in the most unpredictable conditions brought on by fire. This 70kg Fireproof safe is capable of protecting valuables for a very long period of time and third party verified to protect your USB drives, CDs, DVDs and portable hard drives. Make sure you order yours today!

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Here are details about 70kg Fireproof safe:

  • Rugged material: The safes is made of low-carbon high-density alloy steel, laser cutting the whole door without pry points, anti-prying and anti-drilling, safe and reliable. It has the functions of anti-theft, waterproof and fire prevention, and the fire protection can last for 2 hours.
  • Classic button-type password arrangement panel, high-definition display unlock screen display OPEN, simple panel, hidden keyhole. After installing 4 AA batteries, reprogram the safe with your own unique passcode.
  • High safety factor: Dual alarm system, when the cabinet is subjected to external vibration, or the password fingerprint is entered incorrectly for many times, the buzzer alarm system will be activated. Only enter the correct password to release the alarm status.
  • Safety and secure, Easy to operate: Safe Box- Equipped with an electronic lock, easy to operate. In addition to the electronic lock, the security safe features double steel locking bolts, a pry-resistant steel door, and pry-resistant concealed hinges. High safety factor.
  • Large capacity: The compact safe box offers a large capacity that nicely accommodates a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash and more. Keep your valuables carefully locked away with the safe. With removable interior shelf.


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