Bliss waiting seat

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Bliss waiting seat

Where style meets comfort. The Bliss waiting seat elevates your waiting experience.


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Here’s a breakdown of typical specifications and features to consider when choosing Bliss waiting seat:


  • Leather: High-quality leather is essential for durability and comfort. Look for full-grain leather for the best quality, but top-grain leather can also be a good option. Avoid bonded or corrected leather, which are lower quality.
  • Frame: Steel is the most common and durable frame material. Aluminum can be lighter, but may be less sturdy.


  • Seat height: Adjustable, typically ranging from 16″ to 21″ (41cm to 53cm) for ergonomic comfort.
  • Seat depth: 18″ to 22″ (46cm to 56cm) for adequate legroom.
  • Seat width: 19″ to 23″ (48cm to 58cm) for comfortable seating.
  • Backrest height: 38″ to 42″ (97cm to 107cm) for proper back support.
  • Overall height: Adjustable, typically ranging from 42″ to 48″ (107cm to 122cm).

Additional factors to consider:

  • Comfort and ergonomics: Try sitting in the chair before purchasing, if possible, to ensure it’s comfortable and provides proper support.
  • Style: Choose a seat that complements the overall aesthetic of your office.


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