Executive 2M Desk

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Executive 2M Desk

A Executive 2M Desk sounds impressive! To help you find the perfect one.

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Here are details about your Executive 2M Desk:

  • straight desk? An L-shaped desk maximizes corner space and provides additional work surfaces.
  • Built-in features: Do you need cable management systems, hidden compartments, a hutch for storage, or a keyboard tray?
  • Adjustable features: Adjustable legs or a height-adjustable top can be helpful for ergonomic comfort.
  • Solid mahogany ? Solid mahogany is more durable and luxurious, but also more expensive. Veneer offers a good balance of affordability and aesthetics.
  • Top surface: Options include mahogany, glass, leather, or a combination for different functionalities.
  • Base and legs: wood add different aesthetic touches.
  • Exact width and depth preferences within the 2m range.
  • Assembly requirements: Some desks come pre-assembled, while others require assembly.


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