Executive 6 way workstation

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Executive 6 way workstation

An Executive 6 way workstation offers a spacious and efficient layout for six people, perfect for collaborative work or individual tasks requiring focus.

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Here’s a breakdown of typical specifications about the Executive 6 way workstation:


  • Length: Typically between 3600mm x 3600mm (141.7″ x 141.7″) to 4800mm x 4800mm (189″ x 189″) to accommodate six workspaces comfortably.
  • Height: Standard desk height is around 720mm (28.3 inches) to 760mm (29.9 inches) for ergonomic comfort. Some models might offer adjustable legs.


  • Top:
    • Solid wood: Offers the highest quality, durability, and beautiful natural grain patterns.
    • Veneer over wood : Provides a classic wood look at a more affordable price.
    • Laminate: Durable and affordable option with a wide variety of colors and finishes.
  • Base:
    • Wood: Complements classic styles and provides warmth.


  • Dividers: Privacy panels or partitions can be installed to separate the six workspaces visually and acoustically.
  • Cable management system: Keeps cords organized and out of sight.
  • Storage cabinets: Integrated cabinets for storing office supplies, files, or other items.
  • Power outlets and USB ports: Integrated into the desk surface for easy access.

Additional features:

  • Mobile pedestals: Rolling storage units that can be tucked under the desks for additional storage.
  • Additional factors to consider:
  • The style of your office: Choose a workstation that complements the overall aesthetic of your space.
  • Your storage needs: Consider how much storage space each user needs for files, office supplies, and other items.
  • Ergonomics: Look for features that promote comfort and prevent fatigue, such as adjustable height, keyboard trays, and ergonomic chairs.
  • Collaboration needs: Think about how the team will collaborate and choose features that facilitate communication and interaction.
  • Privacy needs: Consider the level of privacy required for each user’s work.

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