Executive Bliss Seat

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Executive Bliss Seat

Work seamlessly on the go. The Bliss Seat: your in-flight office.

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Features of Executive Bliss Seat:

  1. Materials:
    • High-quality upholstery, often made from leather or faux leather.
    • Sturdy frame construction, sometimes with metal or wood accents.
  2. Design:
    • Ergonomic design for comfort during long periods of use.
    • Executive-style design with a high backrest for better support.
  3. Adjustability:
    • Adjustable seat height and tilt for personalized comfort.
    • Swivel and recline functionality.
  4. Armrests:
    • Padded and adjustable armrests for additional comfort.
  5. Base:
    • Sturdy base with casters for mobility.
  6. Additional Features:
    • Lumbar support for lower back comfort.
    • Headrest for additional neck and head support.
  7. Assembly:
    • Assembly required.

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