Executive office desk 1400mm

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Executive office desk 1400mm

The 1400mm executive office desk, also known as a 1.4-meter desk, is designed to provide ample workspace and a touch of sophistication for a single person in an executive setting.

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Here are details about Executive office desk 1400mm:

  • Width: 1400 millimeters (1.4 meters)
  • Depth: This can vary depending on the specific desk design, but a common range is from 600mm to 800mm (0.6 meters to 0.8 meters).
  • Height: Standard desk heights are around 720-750 millimeters (28-30 inches). Some desks may offer adjustable heights.
  • Drawers: Multiple drawers for storage of files, folders, office supplies, etc.
  • Grommet: A hole in the desk surface with a cover for feeding cables through, promoting better cable management.
  • Keyboard tray: A pull-out tray beneath the desk surface for ergonomic keyboard positioning.


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