Filing cabinet with safe

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Filing cabinet with safe

Double the protection, double the peace of mind. Our Filing cabinet with safe keeps your important documents and valuables secure.

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Here’s a breakdown of the Filing cabinet with safe:


  • Body: Usually made from cold-rolled steel for durability and fire resistance. Thickness varies depending on security level (typically 18-22 gauge).
  • Doors and drawers: Constructed from steel or reinforced with steel for added strength.
  • Safe compartment: Higher security models may utilize thicker steel plate or additional fire-resistant insulation.


  • Safe compartment:
    • Lock type: Key, combination, or electronic locks. High-security models may use dual locking mechanisms.
    • Security rating: Look for certifications like UL Class 350 (burglary protection) or UL Class 125 (fire protection).
  • Cabinet locks: Optional for additional document security.
  • Fire resistance: Some models offer fireproof ratings (e.g  60 minutes) for both documents and valuables.


  • Number of drawers: Standard options include 3 drawers for document filing.
  • Drawer size: Letter-size is standard, but legal-size options exist.
  • Safe compartment size: Consider the dimensions of valuables you need to store.


  • Overall size: Varies based on the number of drawers, safe size, and cabinet design. Typical heights range from 180cm to 210cm, widths from 45cm to 90cm, and depths from 40cm to 60cm.
  • Safe compartment dimensions: Check the internal measurements to ensure it accommodates your valuables.

Additional Features:

  • Casters: Allow for easy movement and flexibility.
  • Cable management: Useful for organizing power cords from electronic devices.
  • Adjustable shelves: In some models, offer additional storage flexibility within the safe compartment.

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