Filling Cabinet with safe

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Filling Cabinet with safe

Combining a Filling Cabinet with safe offers convenience and security for your office needs.

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Here are some key specifications to consider when choosing Filling Cabinet with safe:


  • Material: Typically steel or wood. Steel offers durability and fire resistance, while wood provides a more traditional look. Consider thickness (around 18-24 gauge for steel) for strength.
  • Drawers: Number and size depend on your storage needs. Look for full-extension drawers for easy access and consider soft-close mechanisms for smooth operation.
  • Filing Capacity: Choose a cabinet that accommodates your desired file size (letter, legal, hanging folders) and quantity.
  • Locking System: Opt for a secure lock system for the drawers, such as a key lock or combination lock.


  • Type: Consider the type of valuables you need to protect, such as cash, documents, or electronics. Common types include:
    • Fire-rated safes: Protect against fire for a certain duration (e.g., 60 minutes).
    • Burglary-rated safes: Resist forced entry attempts.
  • Size: Choose a safe size that fits your intended items while considering the overall cabinet dimensions and space constraints.
  • Assembly: Our cabinets come pre-assembled, while others require assembly.


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