Foldable Moveable Table

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Foldable Moveable Table

This specialized computer desk is designed for you to work and study in the classroom, office, or home.
The spacious computer desk space is perfect for home office activities including writing and provides ample leg room for rest and storage.

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Here are details about Foldable Moveable Table:

  • Size: This product only includes one folding table. Desk height is 75cm(29.5in). There are two length options: 120cm(47.2in) and 60cm(55.1in). There are three width options: 40cm(15.7in), 50cm(19.7in), and 60cm(23.6in).
  • Durable: Table top made of thickened high density fiberboard, smooth, waterproof and scratch resistant. Engineering grade Steel frames which ensure stability and durability. With modern office texture.
  • Quick Fold: Conference table foldable design, with a lever underneath the desktop that can be folded from both front and back directions. Convenient storage and more space saving.
  • Movable Design: Easy-rolling wheels make it simple to move the table from one location to the next. Locks on the wheels help keep the table in place while parked and in use.
  • Multifunctional Design: This computer desk is not just a office desk, but also a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a writing desk, a study table, or even a dining table.


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