Full door filling cabinet

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Full door filling cabinet

Organization at your fingertips. Our spacious Full door filling cabinet keeps your important documents secure and organized.

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Here are specifications about Full door filling cabinet:


  • Height: 1800mm – 2000mm (common, but can range lower or higher)
  • Width: 900mm – 1200mm (typical, but can be narrower or wider)
  • Depth: 400mm – 500mm (standard, but some cabinets might be deeper)


  • Steel: Cold-rolled steel is common, offering durability and strength. Thickness can vary but typically ranges from 0.6mm to 0.8mm.


  • Number: Typically 2, 3, or 4 full doors.
  • Type: Hinged doors are standard, offering easy access. Sliding doors can save space but might have limited access to the full cabinet.


  • Number: Usually adjustable, ranging from 2 to 5 shelves depending on cabinet size.
  • Material: Steel shelves are common, but some cabinets might have laminate or wood shelves.


  • Locking mechanism: Key lock or combination lock are common options. Some cabinets might have central locking for all doors.

Weight capacity:

  • Varies depending on size and construction, typically between 300kg – 500kg.

Additional features:

  • Drawers: Some cabinets might have drawers in addition to shelves.
  • Casters: For easier mobility.
  • Label holders: For easy identification of contents.

Things to consider when choosing a Full door filling cabinet:

  • Purpose: What will you be storing? Choose a cabinet with enough weight capacity and shelf space for your needs.
  • Size: Measure your available space and choose a cabinet that will fit comfortably.


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