Leather visitor’s chair

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Leather visitor’s chair

Let your guest feel the power of comfort with our Leather visitor’s chair which is designed with a quality leather and a a strong wood with a high density cushion and combined with an ergonomic design to support the body and reduce the fatigue while sitting on it.

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Here are some details about Leather visitor’s chair:

  • Frame: Wood
  • Cushion: Black leather
  • Frame: Light wood finish
  • Cushion: Black
  • High back design

    Overall, this chair looks like a comfortable and stylish option for an executive office waiting area or conference room. The black leather cushion provides a luxurious look, while the wood frame adds a touch of warmth. The high back design suggests it may provide good back support.

  • Armrests: Our chairs have armrests, which can provide additional comfort and support.




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