Mahogany 140cm Executive Desk

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Mahogany 140cm Executive Desk

The essence of executive style. Crafted from exquisite mahogany, Our 140cm desk makes a statement of success.

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Here are some general features you can expect about Mahogany 140cm Executive Desk:


  • Length: 1.4 meters (55.1 inches)
  • Width: Typically between 0.7 – 0.8 meters (27.6 – 31.5 inches)
  • Height: Typically between 0.7 – 0.75 meters (27.6 – 29.5 inches)


  • Top surface: Solid mahogany wood or mahogany veneer on engineered wood (MDF or plywood)
  • Frame and legs: Solid mahogany wood, engineered wood, or metal


  • Storage: May include drawers, pedestals, shelves, or cabinets for storing office supplies and documents.
  • Cable management: Some desks may have built-in features like grommets or channels to manage cables and wires.
  • Style: May come in various styles, such as traditional, modern, or L-shaped, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Finish: May have a variety of finishes, such as stained, polished, or waxed, to enhance the natural beauty of the mahogany wood.

Additional considerations:

  • Weight capacity: Ensure the desk can support your typical workload and equipment.
  • Assembly: Some desks require assembly, while others come pre-assembled.


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