Mahogany 5 Seater sofa set

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Mahogany 5 Seater sofa set

Mahogany 5 Seater sofa set This classic and elegant piece can elevate any living space.

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Here’s a breakdown of its typical specifications about Mahogany 5 Seater sofa set:


  • Overall length: Typically around 8-10 feet for comfortable 5-seater capacity.
  • Depth: Standard depths range from 32-38 inches for comfortable legroom.
  • Height: Around 17-20 inches for seat height and 30-34 inches for back height.


  • Mahogany: This prized hardwood offers a rich reddish-brown color, beautiful grain patterns, and exceptional durability. Choose from various finishes, like satin or gloss, to personalize the look.

Leather: Adds a touch of luxury and elegance, ideal for executive offices. Consider full-grain or top-grain leather for optimal quality.


  • Modular design: Some sets allow you to configure the pieces in different arrangements to suit your space.
  • Armrests: Optional feature that can add comfort and style.
  • Ottomans: Some sets include matching ottomans for additional seating or as a coffee table.
  • Built-in storage: Some sofas have compartments for storing magazines or other items.


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