Mahogany 5 seater sofa

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Mahogany 5 seater sofa

A Mahogany 5 seater sofa is a luxurious and timeless piece that can elevate any living space.

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Here are some key specifications about Mahogany 5 seater sofa:

  • Length: 200-240 cm (78.7-94.5 inches) to comfortably accommodate five adults.
  • Depth: 80-100 cm (31.5-39.4 inches) for ample seating space and legroom.
  • Height: 75-90 cm (29.5-35.4 inches) for a standard sofa height.
  • Frame: Solid mahogany for exceptional durability and classic beauty.
  • Leather: Top-grain or full-grain leather for optimal comfort, quality, and aging. Consider different colors and textures to match your décor.
  • Seat depth: 50-60 cm (19.7-23.6 inches) for comfortable lounging and leg support.
  • Armrests: Curved, square, or rolled arms can provide additional comfort and style.
  • Style: Choose from traditional, modern, or contemporary styles to complement your existing décor.
  • Leg material: Mahogany to add aesthetic touches.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and conditioning with appropriate leather care products will keep your sofa looking its best.


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