Metallic 4 Door filling cabinet

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Metallic 4 Door filling cabinet

A Metallic 4 Door filling cabinet offers both functionality and style for organizing your documents and office supplies.

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Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications to consider about Metallic 4 Door filling cabinet:


  • Steel: Most common, offering durability and strength. Available in various finishes like powder coating or brushed metal.
  • Stainless steel: High-end option with superior resistance to corrosion and scratches. More expensive than other metals.
  • Number of doors: 4 doors provide ample storage space for different types of documents and folders.
  • Locking mechanism:  Consider individual locks for each door for added control.
  • Shelves: Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the storage space to fit different document sizes. Look for shelves with weight capacity information.
  • Hanging rails: Built-in rails help you organize documents using hanging folders for efficient document management.
  • Leveling feet: Adjust the cabinet to compensate for uneven floors.
  • Label holders: Organize and identify contents easily.


  • Height: Standard heights 180cm.
  • Width: Typically 80cm for comfortable access and adequate storage capacity.
  • Depth: Usually 40cm, but consider the space available and the type of files you need to store.


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