Metallic 4 drawer 4 key cabinet

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Metallic 4 drawer 4 key cabinet

The sleek metallic design and spacious drawers of this cabinet maximize storage efficiency in your workspace.

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Here are some specification about Metallic 4 drawer 4 key cabinet:


  • Height: Typically between 120-180 cm (47-71 inches).
  • Width: Usually between 40-60 cm (16-24 inches).
  • Depth: Typically between 30-50 cm (12-20 inches).


  • Steel: Most common, offering durability and strength.
  • Aluminum: Lighter option, but may be less sturdy.


  • Number: 4 drawers, each with its own lock and key.
  • Size: Varies depending on the overall cabinet dimensions.
  • Material: Usually steel, but some models might use plastic or aluminum.


  • Number: 4 keys, one for each drawer.
  • Type: Key type can vary, but common options include cylinder, wafer, or disc locks.
  • Master key: Some models might have a master key that opens all drawers.

Additional features:

  • Locking mechanism: Single or multiple locking mechanisms for different levels of security.
  • Wall mountable: Some models can be mounted to the wall for space saving.
  • Fire resistance: Some models might offer fire resistance for added protection.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Security needs: Choose a model with appropriate locks and security features based on the valuables you will be storing.


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