Metallic 6 Locker cabinet

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Metallic 6 Locker cabinet

This metallic 6-locker cabinet keeps your valuables safe and organized.

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Here’s a breakdown of the typical specifications for a Metallic 6 Locker cabinet:


  • Height: 150cm to 180cm (59″ to 70.8″)
  • Width: 90cm to 120cm (35.4″ to 47.2″), providing enough space for six lockers with comfortable door opening.
  • Depth: 35cm to 45cm (13.8″ to 17.7″), offering enough space for coats, bags, and other personal items.


  • Steel: The most common material for locker cabinets, offering durability and strength.
  • Aluminum: A lighter and more corrosion-resistant alternative to steel, but may be more expensive.

Number of compartments:

  • 6, with each compartment having its own door and locking mechanism.

Door type:

  • Solid: Provides privacy and security.
  • Louvered: Allows for ventilation and air circulation.

Locking mechanism:

  • Padlock: Requires a separate padlock for each locker.
  • Keyed lock: Each locker has its own key.
  • Combination lock: Users set their own combination for security.

Additional features:

  • Shelves: Some models have shelves inside each compartment for additional organization.
  • Hooks: Can be added to the doors or inside the compartments for hanging items.
  • Sloped tops: Can help prevent items from being placed on top of the cabinet.
  • Number plates: Can be added to each locker for identification.
  • Ventilation: Some models have built-in ventilation to prevent moisture buildup.

Weight capacity:

  • Varies depending on the size and material of the cabinet, but typically between 100 and 300 pounds per locker.

Additional factors to consider:

  • The style of your space: Choose a cabinet that complements the overall aesthetic of your environment.
  • Your security needs: Consider the level of security required for the items being stored.
  • Assembly: Some cabinets require assembly, while others come fully assembled.

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