Padded Foldable Chair

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Padded Foldable Chair

Say goodbye to stiff bleachers. Bring your own comfort with our portable Padded Foldable Chair.

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Here are some general features you can expect when choosing Padded Foldable Chair:

  • Dimensions: When unfolded, a typical Padded Foldable Chair will have a seat height of around 44cm, with a total height ranging from 78cm to 82cm. The seat width and depth are usually around 45cm to 47cm, while the folded size can be as compact as 47cm x 93cm x 101cm.

    • Weight: The weight of a Padded Foldable Chair can vary depending on the frame material and the thickness of the padding. They typically range from 3.6kg to 4.7kg, making them relatively portable.

    • Material:

      • Frame: The frame is usually made of steel or aluminum. Steel frames are more durable but heavier, while aluminum frames are lighter but may not be as strong.
      • Padding: The padding is typically made of foam or polyester. Thicker padding will provide more comfort, but it will also add to the weight of the chair.
      • Fabric: The fabric covering the padding can be made from various materials, such as polyester, nylon, or vinyl. Consider factors like breathability, durability, and ease of cleaning when choosing the fabric.
    • Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of a Padded Foldable Chair typically ranges from 100kg to 300kg. Make sure to choose a chair with a weight capacity that is higher than your weight.

    • Features:

      • Folding mechanism: Most Padded Foldable Chair have a simple folding mechanism that allows them to be folded flat for easy storage and transportation.
      • Carrying handle: Some chairs have a built-in carrying handle for easy transport.
      • It’s important to note that these are general specifications, and the specific features of a padded folding chair will vary depending on the brand and model. When choosing a padded folding chair, consider your needs and preferences, such as the level of comfort, portability, and weight capacity you require.


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