Steel filling cabinet with safe

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Steel filling cabinet with safe

Steel filling cabinet with safe are a great option for storing important documents and valuables securely and discreetly within an office environment.

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Here’s a breakdown of their typical specifications about Steel filling cabinet with safe:


  • Overall size: Similar to standard filling cabinets, with typical heights ranging from 130cm to 180cm, widths from 45cm to 55cm, and depths from 60cm to 70cm.
  • Safe size: The safe within the cabinet can vary greatly in size, from small compartments holding valuables like jewelry and passports to larger units capable of storing laptops and important documents.


  • Cabinet: Cold-rolled steel is the most common material for its durability and strength. It often has a powder-coated finish for aesthetics and corrosion resistance.
  • Safe: Construction materials vary depending on the security level. Steel is common, with some high-security safes incorporating additional layers of fire-resistant materials like concrete and insulation.


  • Locking mechanisms: Both the cabinet and the safe will have separate locking mechanisms. The cabinet might have a standard key lock or a combination lock, while the safe can have different levels of security, including key-operated locks, combination locks, or even biometric scanners for fingerprint access.
    • Drawers: Like a standard filing cabinet, this type may have additional drawers for storing documents or other office supplies outside of the secure safe compartment.
    • Discreet design: Our metallic filing cabinets with safes are designed to blend in with the rest of the office furniture, keeping the safe compartment hidden from casual view.

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