Study Desk 1000mm

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Study Desk 1000mm

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Here are some key areas to consider about Study Desk 1000mm:

  • Overall size: This includes the full width (1.0m), depth, and height of the desk. Be sure to check the legroom clearance underneath as well.
  • Tabletop dimensions: Knowing the specific width and depth of the work surface will help you determine how much space you have for your laptop, monitor, and other essentials.
  • Drawer/shelf dimensions: If the desk has drawers or shelves, note their individual sizes and locations to gauge their storage capacity and practicality.
  • Tabletop: Common materials include wood (solid or engineered), metal, laminate, and glass. Each offers different looks, durability, and price points.
  • Base/frame: The material used for the desk’s legs or frame can be wood, metal, or a combination. Considering its sturdiness and aesthetic compatibility with the tabletop.
  • Drawers/shelves: The number and configuration of drawers and shelves can significantly impact storage and organization. Looking for features like soft-close mechanisms or adjustable shelves for added convenience.
  • Cable management: Does the desk offer built-in cable management systems to keep cords tidy and out of sight? This can be particularly helpful for tech-heavy workspaces.
  • Assembly requirement: Our desks require assembly, while others come pre-assembled.


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