2 way workstation

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2 way workstation

A 2 way workstation typically refers to a desk or office setup designed for two people to work side by side.

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Here are some general specifications that you might find in a 2 way workstation:

  • Layout: A 2-way workstation typically consists of two individual desks facing each other, allowing for collaboration between colleagues.
  • Work Surface: The work surface can be made from various materials like wood. Size is exactly 120cm wide and 60cm deep per user.
  • Privacy Panels: Some workstations incorporate privacy panels between the desks for a balance of collaboration and personal space.
  • Pedestals: Mobile pedestals with drawers can be added underneath the desks for individual storage.
  • Material: The workstation frame can be made from metal for sturdiness.
  • Power and Connectivity: Workstations may have built-in grommets or modules for easy access to power outlets and data ports.
  • Divider Options: The divider between the desks can be a solid panel, a modesty panel (covering the lower part).


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