3 Drawer pedestal

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3 Drawer pedestal

Choosing the perfect 3 Drawer pedestal depends on its intended use and desired features.

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Here are some key specifications to consider when choosing 3 Drawer pedestal:


  • Wood: Offers a warmer and more elegant look, but may require more maintenance. Consider solid wood for durability or veneered wood for affordability.

Function and Features:

  • Mobile vs. stationary: Mobile pedestals have casters for easy movement, while stationary models are fixed in place.
  • Drawer size and configuration: Consider the size and type of documents or items you will be storing. Some models have drawers of different sizes or depths.
  • Locking mechanisms: Choose from key-locked, combination-locked, or digital locking systems for additional security. Consider individual locks for each drawer for added control.
  • Filing rails: Built-in rails help you organize documents using hanging folders for efficient document management.


  • Height: Standard pedestal heights are around 60-70cm (23.6-27.6 inches) to match the height of most desks.
  • Width: Typically around 40-45cm (15.7-17.7 inches) for comfortable access and adequate storage capacity.
  • Depth: Usually around 45-55cm (17.7-21.7 inches) to optimize space under most desks.
  • Assembly: Our pedestals come pre-assembled, while others require assembly.


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