Diplomat safe 266KG

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Diplomat safe 266KG

The Diplomat safe 266KG, sounds like a hefty and secure option.

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Here’s a breakdown of Diplomat safe 266KG specifications:

  • Model: DFC4000K4E
  • Weight: 266kg – Indicates sturdy construction and fire-resistant materials.
  • Type: Fire Filing Cabinet – Primarily designed for storing documents and files, offering fire protection.
  • Fire Rating: Not explicitly mentioned, but fire filing cabinets typically offer fire protection for at least 30 minutes. Look for UL (Underwriters Laboratories) fire ratings for specific duration guarantees.
  • Locking Mechanisms: Likely has high-security locking mechanisms, but details might require further research.
  • External Dimensions: 1466 x 528 x 675 mm (57.71 x 20.78 x 26.57 inches) – Large capacity suitable for storing a significant amount of documents.
  • Internal Dimensions: Not readily available, but you can inquire about shelf configurations and adjustable spaces.
  • Drawers: Might have internal drawers for organized storage of smaller items.


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