Fireproof 70kg safe

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Fireproof 70kg safe

Choosing Fireproof 70kg safe the right fireproof safe for your valuables requires careful consideration.

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Here are some key specifications to keep in mind for a Fireproof 70kg safe:

Fire Rating:

  • Look for a safe with a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) fire rating. Common ratings include:
    • 30 minutes: Protects against fires for 30 minutes. Suitable for important documents and small valuables.
    • 60 minutes: Provides more protection for valuables, like jewelry, cash, and electronic devices.
    • 120 minutes: Offers the highest level of fire protection for irreplaceable items, such as family heirlooms or valuable business documents.


  • Body: Steel construction is standard, with thicker gauge steel offering better fire resistance. Look for a minimum of 14-gauge steel for good protection.
  • Door: The door should be constructed with fire-resistant materials like steel and insulating materials like concrete or high-density ceramic.
  • Fireproofing materials: Look for a safe with multiple layers of fire-resistant materials between the inner and outer walls.

Security Features:

  • Locking mechanism: Choose a high-security locking mechanism, such as a dual-locking system with a combination lock and key lock. Consider electronic locks with audit trails for added security and access control.
  • Bolts: Thick steel locking bolts extending into the door frame offer strong protection against forced entry.
  • Hinges: Concealed hinges provide additional security against tampering.

Capacity and Features:

  • Interior space: Choose a size that comfortably accommodates your valuables while considering the 70kg weight limit.
  • Shelves and compartments: Adjustable shelves and compartments help you organize your belongings efficiently.


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